Off The Cuff

January 15th, 2020

It was a chilly Super Bowl Squares board lunch today. Returning Dr. Bob Parks led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Reverend Wayne Myers administered the blessing. Please keep Chuck McLaughlin in your prayers as he has had a minor setback in his recovery from a bad cortisone shot. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Tyler’s Super Bowl Squares board has been making the rounds like the Stanley Cup, spending the last few days at the Red Fox Diner with Lou Petrone helping to sell squares. It will be back at the Red Fox Thursday morning, Papa’s Raw Bar on Thursday night, Unity in the Community on Saturday and back to Red Fox for breakfast Sunday morning. We have the board more than half sold. Keep up the good work.

In lieu of a Committee meeting, Tad, Jeff and Tyler let us know that we are in good shape with the Bowl Bash 2020. Several vacation homes, donated by members, are up for auction as well as artwork, liquor wagon and a guided tour of Port Everglades. Jay Petkov has built a Fowling game. Think team lawn bowling with a football. Please get a bottle of something to Bruce Munro for the liquor wagon. Get your tickets here promote on FaceBook here

Unity in the Community will take place Saturday, January 25, from 11 am – 4 pm. The XC will have a table to spread awareness of Club activities and recruitment.   The Fort Lauderdale Club will also participate. We will need a few volunteers to man the booth and answer questions, which can be done sitting with a beer in hand. Jon Saluk and Troy Nelson will be there early Saturday morning to set up with Michael Kien manning from 11-1:30. The Fort Lauderdale Club, led by President Alan Duke and company, will be manning the booth with Lou Waller. Hopefully we can sell a few Bowl Bash 2020 tickets and Super Bowl Squares too!

Rodriguez Poker Tournament is at Coconut Creek Casino on Saturday, January 25, and we have 4 card sharks Jim and Jennie Terlizzi, Tim Shane and Del Perez. The Club has sponsored a VIP buy in for 4 players; if you win split the pot with the Club. Registration begins at 11 am, cards in the air 1 pm. Keep those poker faces strong!

January 29th is a 5th Wednesday (no lunch), Seaside Grill on A1A and 14th Street at 6 pm – 8 pm for 1 ½ hour open bar and appetizers. New members and spouses are invited.

Bowl Bash 2020 is set for Saturday, February 1, at Galuppi’s. This is our annual 150 dinner. You can participate by selling tickets, collecting silent auction items and helping to sell $100 Super Bowl Squares. Please also bring in a bottle of wine or liquor for the wagon auction.

Kudos to Brad Harris for his work in maintaining the James Suh Memorial at Deerfield Beach High School, as his dedication earned the Club a National Service Award. Thanks for all you do, Brad. To continue his hard work he will be overseeing a work party Tuesday 9 am at Henderson Mental Health, 868 SW 10th Street, Pompano Beach 33060. If you are available plan to stop by. Beer afterwards.

Annual LHP Keepers Day parade is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, at Dan Witt Park. A few XC Club members will be needed to hand out ice cream sandwiches again.

Spring Honor Flights are scheduled for April 18 & May 16 out of FLL. Consider being a Guardian or participating in Operation Welcome Home.

Jon Saluk and Jay Petkov pooled their resources and won the 50/50 pot, a $100 square in the Super Bowl Bowl Bash. Troy Nelson chose Will Askew as this week’s shaking man for the free lunch.

If you would like to advertise your business in the Off the Cuff 2.0 please email a jpg image with a link to your website.

Consider the Exchange Club of Pompano Beach when preparing your estate planning documents.

The Detroit Lions have almost assembled a team to win the Super Bowl…

All that’s missing is a great quarterback. A scout has been looking everywhere for someone good enough, but cheap enough to keep them under the salary cap.

The scout, after a long day of searching, comes home defeated. He slumps down into his chair and decides to watch the news.

As he is watching footage of the conflict in Afghanistan, he sees it! A young man pulls the pin on a grenade and throws it forty yards to fly through the open window of a fast moving car!

“Wow that kid’s got an arm!” He exclaims. He gets on the phone and recruits the kid to the Detroit Lions the very next day.

They go on to win the Super Bowl!

That night the kid calls home to his mother.
“Mom, I’ve done it! I’ve led my team to a Super Bowl victory, are you proud?”

“No!” His mother snaps back. “I don’t care about your stupid Super Bowl. We live in constant fear! Our home is little more than a pile of rubble! Your brothers were murdered in the streets! Your sisters cannot go out for fear of being assaulted! We are suffering!”

“But mom…” He tries to interject.

“Shut up!” She screams, “I will never forgive you for making us move to Detroit!”